We are a young and fast-growing Mini ERP and Supply Chain Platform Startup that offers simple and efficient cross-platform invoicing, accounting, and inventory for every business segment. We have a mission to contribute and automate SME and MLE transactions.

We are looking for a motivated, passionate, and high-value person to boost your careers with us. Here's to an exciting journey ahead!

  • Fiqry Revadiansyah

    Data Science and Engineering Lead

    “ I work closely with Mr. Jeremy (our CPO). He is incredibly smart, hard worker and visionary. He’s always looking ahead and never gives up. He makes us learn new things and keeps us on top of the latest stuff. This makes our work better & inspires me ”

  • Jessica Thenardy

    Senior Customer Experience

    “ Working at Paper.id has been a delight! Meeting all these amazing people that I get work with every day, exchanging creative ideas, and solving complex problems in a positive working environment, has just been an amazing experience! ”

  • Leon Davin

    Product Manager

    “ What I appreciate most about Paper.id is the supportive work environment. The flat hierarchy allows for open communication across all levels, including the C-Level, Leader, and staff. This fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing between depts. ”









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